How Prostate Cancer Jump-Started My Health Makeover

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Always Better Than A Pound Of Cure

Health has become a strong passion for me in the last few years. You can expect me to write on the subject regularly here. But it wasn’t always that way. I never really had to watch my weight—until my late 40’s and early 50’s. No real health issues. I credited my Danish genes.

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That’s why the diagnosis in January 2011 was such a shock. The biopsy report determined early stage, slow-growing prostate cancer. My PSA score—a blood test commonly used to monitor prostate cancer—had been creeping upward so I’d had a bit of a heads up. Yet, little prepares you for the “c” word. Just a few years prior I had supported a dear friend through his battle with prostate cancer and I eventually officiated his funeral. That’s a strong visual and emotional image to override.

Ladies, A Little Respect For Your Man Goes a Long Way

By Gail Andersen

The other day I was talking to a friend and mentioning that my husband and I went through a very rough patch in our marriage around years 14-18. When she asked why that was, I had to really think for a minute. It should not have been that difficult. This was one of the most pivotal points in our marriage and it had to do with—not surprisingly—respect.

Photo by Corey Lack

Photo by Corey Lack

I had a wonderful husband, but I didn’t always give him the credit he deserved. His schedule at work was quite busy, and he wasn’t at home as much as I would have liked. This meant I was carrying the load of our five children, homeschooling, and everything else on the home front—many things that I felt shouldn’t be my sole responsibility. He was the breadwinner of the family, but not much else in my eyes.

Start Your Day With An Energizing Morning Routine

Take Charge Of Your Day Your Way

Without a doubt, the most powerful productivity habit I’ve formed over the years is my morning routine. I have been fine-tuning it for decades. On days that I have neglected it, I’ve done so to my own hurt. I feel like I’m swimming through mud.

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Don’t neglect or underestimate the power in this time. If you’ve labeled yourself “not a morning person”, do yourself a favor and override that scripting for a few moments. Dare to imagine the experience I’m about to promise you.

Living Happily Ever After Is For Those Who Don’t Quit

Marriage Gold Belongs To Those Who Mine It

I read a story once of a prospector who spent years mining a piece of property. Having never unearthed more than a few insignificant flakes of gold, he eventually gave up. Years later, another took over where he’d left off, discovering a major vein of gold just inches from where the old prospector had stopped.

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I had the same sad feeling this week thinking of how so many married couples never hit the major gold in marriage because they stopped short.

Make This Summer One Your Kids Will Remember

By Gail Andersen

Before you fill up your kids’ summer schedule with camps, sports practices and games, and multiple Vacation Bible Schools, take a moment and consider the possibility of a more relaxed and memorable summer break this year.

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Sending the kids off to experience summer with their peers can certainly be a fun part of summer. Yet too many parents miss out on this amazing opportunity to spend time together making great memories.

4 Simple Habits To Get Promoted Faster Than Peers

Give Your Child A Winning Edge

We all want the best for our kids—to have advantages that perhaps we didn’t. We work hard to use whatever resources we have to pave the way for them to hit their mark as adults. So we set up college funds; get them in the best schools; build their experience through diverse extra-curricular activities; use our network to secure helpful internships for them.


All good. Yet, sometimes common sense training—which turns out to not be so common—can provide an even greater real-world edge. Even with limited resources.

Give Your Child A Clear Example To Follow

In Parenting, More Is Caught Than Taught

My dad used to say, “Do as I say, not as I do.” I knew what he meant. He knew his shortcomings and didn’t want me to follow in those footsteps of his. He wanted better for me.

I Must Follow You

Yet the reality is that in parenting, more is caught than taught. Both the good and the bad. Queue Harry Chapin’s, “Cats In The Cradle.”

That’s why it’s vital that you give your child a clear example to follow.

The Benefits Of A Morning Routine For Your Child

5 Simple Actions To Start Each Day Smoother

By Gail Andersen

Ever had one of those mornings when, after pushing the snooze button several times, you jumped out of bed, quickly showered, dressed, and then realized you’d forgotten something extremely important? Perhaps you forgot to shave, or brush your teeth, or even—heaven forbid—your phone as you rushed out the door?


Days like those remind us that a specific morning routine helps our days flow much smoother. A solid morning routine not only streamlines our start, but also sets the tone for our day.

3 Ways To Avoid Regrets In Life

Don't Miss The Little Things That Are Really Big Things

I recently found out a dear, old friend passed away. I had called to wish him a happy birthday. His wife told me the news—he had passed away two years ago.

Double Your Rainbows
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Yep. Are you cringing like I did? Honestly, I couldn’t tell which was greater: my shock or my embarrassment.

Improve Your Communication As A Couple In Just 15 Minutes

A Daily Routine To Keep You On The Same Page

It’s amazing how we can so easily neglect our most valued priorities . Case in point: communication between spouses. We all know how important it is. It’s what keeps us close and our relationship growing.

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But there’s nothing like the busyness of everyday life to reduce our communication to nothing except the functional necessities.