How To Experience Financial Freedom Sooner Than Later

Take Charge and Take Steps Now To Live Better

Most families have too much of the month left over at the end of the paycheck. There’s seems to be this never-ending struggle to provide for the needs of a growing family amidst ever-increasing costs of living. Everyone wants to save for a house, the kids’ college education, weddings, and retirement, yet find it hard to just keep up—much less get ahead.

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Three of the most valuable resources we have are time, money, and health. Unfortunately, most reach adulthood without much training in managing any of these.

8 Tips For Making Great Family Vacation Memories

Your Family Can't Afford To Neglect Vacations

Our annual family vacation is coming quickly and I’m getting in that vacation zone. Family vacations have been a huge part of our history. Our kids have long left the nest and yet every year they still go out of their way to carve out a few days to gather together with us.

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We’ve seen some great parts of our country over the years. But destination has never been the attraction. And it isn’t just the hope of some needed recharging. It’s the memories of our times together and the excitement of making new memories that keeps these times a priority for everyone.

Top Ten Takeaways From 36 Years Of Marriage

Our Keys To Lasting And Thriving As A Couple

By Gail Andersen

Kirby and I have been married 36 years so far. That’s a long time for anything—and it’s longer than the average marriage lasts today. Quantity certainly counts for something but quality is even more important.

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After years of ups and downs, happy times and sad times, I can truly say that being together with my husband the past 36 years has been well worth it all. Not every minute was fun, close, or romantic, but the sharing of life together for the long haul has produced a greater closeness than I ever imagined.

Why I Read Books On My iPhone

Read More. Read Faster. Retain More.

Leaders are readers. I can’t think of anything more important for personal development than reading. And there’s certainly no lack of great material available. The problem for most people boils down to time.

Books and iPhone
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The answer to this for me has been to do most of my reading via the Kindle app on my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong—I love a good ol’ fashioned paper book. I’ve purchased a bunch. Yet I’ve narrowed down my actual physical library over the last few years just due to space.

Keeping Romance Alive With Signs Of Affection

Daily PDA That Reaffirms Love, Encouragement, and Support

Years ago I bought the book, 1001 Ways To Be Romantic. It was helpful for the season—got me to think intentionally and creatively about keeping the romance alive amidst many little kids running around.

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But honestly, over the years I haven’t found anything that keeps the romance alive better than simple signs of affection throughout the day. It’s the easiest, most effective, and least expensive way to keep the romantic fires stoked for busy parents.

The Bittersweetness Of Letting Your Kids Go

3 Bits Of Advice For Making The Transition Positively

There are a lot of parents experiencing varying degrees of anxiety and/or heartache this time of year. Some are sending a child off to school for the first time. Others are helping a young adult leave home for college. It’s bittersweet at best—exciting to see our kids grow yet tough to let them go.

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Gail and I watched our oldest son, Josh, his wife, Becka, and their four kids (four of our five grandkids!) roll out of town this week for California. At 5:00am their van headed out of the driveway without much fanfare. Just teary-eyed parents. We are emotionally raw yet we’ve never been prouder.

Improve Your Family’s Health By Cutting Back The Sugar

Sweeter Isn't Always Better

When asked how a person can improve their health, after recommending increasing water intake, I always answer, “Cut the sugar!” I don’t know of one other ingredient that wreaks more havoc on our health today than sugar.

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As a kid, I sprinkled a little sugar on oatmeal with cinnamon, added a little to iced tea or lemonade, and enjoyed a soft drink once in a great while. Mom added sugar to desert recipes but that was about it. It’s not that way any more for most Americans and our waistlines and health show it.

3 Family Table Fundamentals For Building Togetherness

Pray. Stay. Excuse-ay.

Mealtime together as a family should be a daily non-negotiable. It serves as the rallying point for conversation—for sharing information, encouragement, and laughter. It’s a fabulous family culture-building opportunity.

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However, without a few guidelines, the family table can become nothing more than the distribution point for food. Family members coming and going as is convenient to them, quickly eating, then on their separate ways with little interaction.

Protecting Relationships By Keeping Technology In Check

Make the Digital Subservient To The Relational

By Gail Andersen

Life has changed so much over the years. We find our hands almost permanently connected to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. All of our contacts, calendars, to-do lists, notes, games, social media connections, conversations with people, etc. are all wrapped up in one neat little package. Our whole life is contained on our smartphone or computer. The results of our devices crashing would be devastating.

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But technology itself can be devastating without the crash. Can these devices which so efficiently organize our lives and keep us on a productive path actually become detrimental? I believe we all know that they can if we don’t intentionally keep them in check.

This Simple Tool Can Improve Your Life Exponentially

Don't Underestimate The Power Of A Checklist

Most of us automatically make a list whenever we begin a project. It might be a simple grocery list, a plan for a child’s birthday party, a packing list for an upcoming vacation or business trip, or your to-do list for today. We naturally know the value of getting endless lists out of our heads onto paper or an app.

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But there is an even greater potential value than this one-off simple list-making process. It’s taking it a step further to create checklists and workflows for anything that is recurring.