Start Your Day Alive, Alert, Awake, Enthusiastic!

9 Tips To Rev You Up For The Day

Alright, you non-morning types—this one is for you! No guilt. No judgment. Just a lot of love and compassion to help you get a better start on your day to squeeze it for all it’s worth.

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A couple days ago, I had an audio recording in my head from many years ago go on replay. It was a little sing-song tune my wife used to wake our kids with when they were little. “I’m alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!” It would repeat several times to a simple melody that sticks in your head all day—and, as it appears, for years.

Using Rewards Effectively To Motivate Your Children

From "Have To" To "Want To" To Good Habits

By Gail Andersen

As parents, we have multitudes of opportunities every day to give our children direction on their routines. While it may be easier to just do things for them, we do want to build responsibility in them. There is a way to build that responsibility without nagging. What they need is a little bit of motivation. And rewarding good behaviors rather than giving consequences for poor behaviors should be our first plan of attack in training our children.

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Think about how we as adults are motivated to work. We all like to think we are motivated with intrinsic rewards—that we derive personal satisfaction from a job well done. That is the best motivator of what we do in life. But it doesn’t usually start that way. Most of us need some extrinsic reward in the beginning. In the job market, it’s our paycheck or commission for the work we do. Both types of rewards are essential.

Use A Family Group Text To Strengthen Family Spirit

Use, But Don't Abuse

One of the greatest potential benefits of family is the sense of belonging. Sadly, not every family enjoys that. If you don’t work at building family spirit and a culture of togetherness, you’ll miss one of the greatest treasures in life.


As I say often, little things done consistently over a long time give the greatest benefits. So it is in strengthening family spirit. It doesn’t require a lot of money, nor can you accomplish it with just a big event. It happens mainly by staying connected and sharing in each other’s wins, struggles, and just everyday stories.

5 Ways To Say, “I’m Thinking Of You.”

It's The Thought That Counts

Marriage is unlike any other relationship you’ll ever have. At its best, it’s a relationship founded on unconditional love, trust, commitment, care, support, and encouragement. Simply put, we promise to be there for each other. We need each other.


The joy of this give and take can get diluted, though, by the speed and demands of life. Sometimes your spouse just needs to be reminded that you’re thinking of her—that there is an intentional thought behind your actions other than just obligation.

How To Minimize, “Mom, I’m Bored!”

Helping Your Child Be More Self-Directed With Free Time

By Gail Andersen

Picture this: it’s a nice warm sunny day. You’ve decided to take advantage of the weather and do a complete overhaul of all the closets in your home. You’ve just emptied the master bedroom closet and have assorted items littering your floor space. Your 8-year old comes in and says, “Mom, I’m bored.”

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You are just about to respond with, “It’s a beautiful day! Go outside and play!”, along with some other frustrated retorts. So you search your mind for ideas to quell his boredom. You are even rethinking your plan because obviously your child has nothing to do and must have your help in being directed.

Resources To Inspire and Motivate Healthier Choices

Better Health Comes One Step At A Time

Making better lifestyle choices in any area requires sustained motivation. It’s not just enough to know we should. We need the “want to”. The “will do”.

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This is certainly true in eating better. Most know we’d do better to eat more vegetables and fruits, less processed and fast food, less sugar, etc. It just seems so hard; so dramatic; so deprived.

My Top 7 Non-Negotiable Productivity Tools

Essentials That Help Me Stay On Target Daily

I’ve worked hard over the years to learn principles that govern good time management. It’s because I believe time is probably the most valuable resource we have. We better make the most of today because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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But principles mean nothing unless you have systems and tools to put them into action. Principles never change though tools may, and mine sure have over the years.

Choose Carefully What You Say To Your Child

There's Life-Changing Power In Your Words

By Gail Andersen

As parents, we naturally talk to our children—hopefully a lot. From the time they are born, we speak as though they can understand every word. But what are the things we are saying? “Oh, you are such a mess!” “You little stinker!”

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Those comments are cute when they are babies, but how does that translate when they get a little older? If we’re not mindful about what we say, that freedom to spout off silly little sayings becomes a little more serious. “You just don’t listen.” “Why can’t you just do what I tell you?” “You won’t amount to anything.” “I wish you were like your brother.”

How To Give Your Child A Love Of Reading

Recently I tweeted, “I can’t think of anything more important for personal development than reading.” Most people mentally assent to that. They know it’s a good habit yet few make time for it or, much less, love it.

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We schooled our five children at home. One of the things Gail and I determined early on was to give our kids a love of learning. We knew we could never teach them everything they would need to know to hit their mark in life. But if we could teach them how to learn what they needed, we’d have done them a huge service.

What Would A Great Husband Do?

It’s really quite astounding that most of our greatest roles in life don’t come with an instruction manual. You have to pass a test to get a driver’s license yet there’s no manual or test required to be a husband or a dad.

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I’m not in favor of requiring legislation for such—but, man, it would sure be nice to have more of a leg-up than most of us guys get.